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6 December 2011 - 17 December 2011
Two-person exhibition @ Hardware Gallery - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

What I Had I Gave Away is an exhibition of small soft sculptures and large watercolour and embroidery drawings and is the second part of a two-part show by Amanda Humphries and Thomas C. Chung. The first exhibition: All I Have I Hope To Keep was shown at Gallery Eight in September 2011.

In part one the duo were chasing the shadow, and freezing the real, accentuating the constant representations of life through making toys and embroidering ambitions. Everything was detached and preserved in this ever sensation-simulated world.

Just as part one is based on permanence and plasticity, then part two starts to contemplate its opposite. Processes of abandon and dissolve, of letting go, rather than holding on; the two shows are threading together the dance created between permanence and temporality, often employing the 'double' as a common vehicle for such concerns, whether through an awareness of time sequence (before and after shots) with Thomas' soft sculpture and running narrative, or through shadowed imagery with Amanda's use of contrasting mediums, light fluid bodies with heavily embroidered shadows, butterflied machines and lovers.

Taking into consideration the name of the venue Hardware Gallery, the art works occasionally play with tools and hardware as their subjects, often casting them in an organic light.

There is a certain amount of acceptance in this show, of our fragility and decay, and with the cyclical nature of the two show themes rotating and jousting. The work appeals to the holistic nature of the relationship between the real and the imagined.

22 October 2011 - 11 November 2011
Group exhibition @ Festival of Mosman - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Think local instead of global when you wander the streets at this year's Festival of Mosman to view the inaugural public art event, In Situ: Mosman Festival of Sculpture and Installation. 

Along the Military Road corridor, from Mosman to Spit Junctions, 50 Australian artists are showing in over 60 selected retail or site specific locations to celebrate sculpture and installation enhancing public spaces. Whimsical, entertaining, thought provoking, challenging, In Situ 11 presents an exhibition of multiple concepts and disciplines, committed to a curatorial vision. 

The installations, 3D works and stand alone sculptures, both traditional and contemporary, are sure to foster many discussions.
Some of the works ask us to rethink or reconsider notions of consumer culture, natural landscapes, urban modernity, social, economic and environmental issues. And some of them are just a whole lot of fun! 

Curated by Cassandra Hard Lawrie.

18 October 2011 - 29 October 2011
Group exhibition @ Kherson Local Lore Museum - Kherson (UKRAINE)

Historically women and the subject of textile media have always been closely linked. Even in the words, which are used to describe the artworks made by women, we prescribe a preferential role to that of women. Delicate, tiny, small... Can men make tiny, delicate art works? Frequently the word - simple - is used in the description of artworks created by women. Simple sample, simple pattern... Simple for whom? Can this pattern be simple for men too?

Such terminology devalues the works made by women and diminishes the real status of any textile work.


The role of men in the Ukraine is not traditionally connected with textile media, like in most countries of the world. But there are still men in the textile art world, who have made outstanding success. The amount of men in textile art is strong enough everywhere in the world. But it is undeniable that the majority of textile artists are still women.

With this exhibition I would like to give more exhibition space and to support to male textile artists. This exhibition will be for them, those who continue to pursue their work and have success in the art world.

There is still in the world a wave of women displaying textile exhibitions. But today it is more and more common to see men expressing their experience of being male in this world through their textile artworks. They weave, sew, embroider, make quilts, and make innovative fabrics. They work in fashion and sometimes even in the textile industries. A lot of them are curators, and also lecturers of prestigious universities. This list of men's achievements in the sphere of textile is unlimited.

William Pollack in his book "Real Boys" wrote: "Society is judging the behaviour of boys against outmoded ideas about masculinity. By placing a boy in this gender straight jacket, society is limiting his emotional range." As a project founder I don't want in any way to limit men in their emotional range and in their creativity. So there are no limits as for textile techniques and textile materials.

I hope to see in Kherson the artworks of textile artists, who have dedicated their life and their biggest love to that of Textile.



Curated by Ludmila Egorova.

16 September 2011 - 6 October 2011
Two-person exhibition @ Gallery Eight - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Gallery Eight presents All I Have I Hope To Keep, by Australian artists Thomas C. Chung & Amanda Humphries.

Please join us for drinks with the artists on Friday 16th September from 6pm.

Everything is experienced through play in this exhibition. It is the first part of a two part show that suggests ideas of the loneliness and detachment raised in an ever ‘sensation-simulated’ world. Amanda and Thomas are threading together alternative worlds to keep pace with the real one, creating suspended, timeless worlds that will never leave you. Using motifs of childhood fantasies and hand-crafted objects, they are taking us on adventures in worlds that are intangible.

All I Have I Hope To Keep creates an alternative universe that envelopes the viewer in a nostalgic utopia. So pack your knitted umbrella, there might be a thunderstorm of birds and battleships to contend with.

15 September 2011 - 30 September 2011
Group exhibition @ Galleria Perelà & Serra dei Giardini - Venice (ITALY)

From an original concept created by the Venetian, UK based, artist Marina Moreno, Elysium Gallery with ART-E-MOTION presents Vending Machine: an Installation, which features the work of both UK based and International artists.

This dual sited installation will be hosted by Italian partners Microclima, an artistic project at the Serra dei Giardini and with Laura Ostan at the Contemporary Art Galleria Perela, from 15th -30th September in Venice.
The two vending machines supplied by Luca S r L become dispersers of transparent spheres, that can be compared to greenhouses, where the metaphoric growth of an idea is linked to the nurturing, development and growth of a plant, where chance intervenes to determine the outcome.

Each sphere represents the lume (light), a world, an artist, a creative seed and will contain an original piece of diverse artwork produced by both emerging and established artists. Through the game of interaction and the inherent chance of the machine, an automatic distributor, an exchange takes place for both the artist and receiver of the art work.
Playfulness is essential to creativity and quintessential to art. Through this installation an artistic exchange opens new dialogues and ideas in a global context, amongst differing cultures, territories and landscapes.
The curators Ann Jordan of Elysium Gallery & Marina Moreno of ART-E-MOTION will be present during the exhibition and will offer visitors tokens in exchange for a variable monetary offer.
The Vending Machine is a diffuser of participation for both an artistic and an ecological dialogue.

This installation also reflects the dynamics of the market and the functions of the gallery, whilst re-establishing for a moment the freedom of the use of art in its function of displacement, surprise and subversion of pre-established rules.

Curated by Marina Moreno.

13 September 2011 - 24 September 2011
Group exhibition @ Hardware Gallery - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

As part of The Sydney Fringe Festival, 2011 Hardware Gallery will hold the 5th annual Google exhibition. Every year we get together a group of artists to accept an art mission: on the same day at the same time, every artist must google the same phrase - from a nominated page of results they all must select one website as their sole source of inspiration for making an artwork. This year's phrase is Uncanny Valley.


Artists: Thomas C. Chung, Cameron Ferguson, Tom Ferson, Elspeth Grew, Carmen Hui, Beth Josey, Leni Kae, Deb Keogh, Anna Madeleine, Anne Mackellar, Niki McDonald, Rebecca Murphy, Steven Nuttall, Anthony Priddle, Dominic Proust, Sandi Rigby, Georgina Ross, Jo Shand, Sol, Nigel Sense, Jacinta Stephenson, Lina Tesoriero, Cherie Thompson, David Urquhart and Kate Vassallo.


More information about the Sydney Fringe at http://www.thesydneyfringe.com.au

Curated by Lew Palaitis. 

13 September 2011 - 1 October 2011
Group exhibition @ The Paper Mill - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

As It Stands brings together the work of eight artists whose work contemplates space and the architectural elements that flow between objects and images as either a reflection or an intersection of their surrounds.

Working across a variety of mediums, the artists included in this exhibition utilise a variety of tools such as form, performative gestures, installation and text to promote a dialogue between image, object and space.

Featuring: Madeleine Preston, Thomas C. Chung, Harriet Body, Claire Flannery, Stephanie Tsai, Eloise Kirk, Justin Balmain and Simon Esling.

Curated by Paper Mill Directors Aaron Anderson, Christopher Hodge and Siân McIntyre.

9 September 2011 - 2 October 2011
Solo performance @ The Sydney Fringe Festival - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Not all art has to be fully understood after reading a 10 page thesis. Sometimes it's the idea of experiencing something, that in itself, is what will trigger off thoughts and feelings from one's past.
For these above reasons of being playfully serious, I'm hoping you'd get a chance to pop by - just look out for the fairy floss stand!

1st show premieres @ Fringe Club.....
Venue: 5 Eliza Street, Newtown at the Fringe Club.
Date: Friday, September 9th, 2011 - 6-9pm.
Admission: FREE!

2nd show premieres @ Italian Forum Cultural Centre.....
Venue: 21-23 Norton Street, Leichhardt at the Italian Forum Cultural Centre.
Date: Sunday, September 11th, 2011 - 6-8pm.
Admission: FREE!

3rd show premieres @ Addison Road Centre.....
Venue: 142 Addison Road, Marrickville at the Addison Road Centre.
Date: Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 - 1-5pm.
Admission: FREE!

4 September 2011 - 30 October 2011
Group exhibition @ Galerie Tante Netty - Eindhoven (NETHERLANDS)

On Sunday September 4th, Tante Netty opens the exhibition Haak Aan! (Get Hooked!). The exhibition features works of the popular online artists and urban knitters Anna ‘Mochimochi Land’ Hrachovec (US) and Thomas C. Chung (AU). Local urban knitters present their work as well. The exhibition runs from September 4th until October 31st. During Dutch Design Week, visitors can join tag knitting workshops, yarn bombing parties and guerrilla knitting events.

Anna Hrachovec & Thomas C. Chung
Anna Hrachovec, designer and professional urban knitter from Brooklyn (US), is mostly known online for her Tiny Things-project: since 2009 she weekly knits a marvellous little creature, varying from tiny pineapples, Vikings, factories, trees, matches and brains. These strange but adorable character-based objects together form their own world: Mochimochi Land. Anna has written two books on urban knitting and she’s one of the most popular online urban knitters.
The work of Thomas C. Chung (AU) seems just as cute. But behind his knitted junk food, pizza slices and paint buckets, there’s an anxious and subtle dark longing to the intricacies and etiquette of human relationships. His work shows the meaning of memories and acts as a reminder.

Urban knitting
Internet changed the old craft of knitting into a new form of street art. Urban knitters find each other on blogs and forums, exchange wild patterns and meet via Facebook in RL (Real Life). Many cities have a Stitch ‘n Bitch: a group of young creatives that knit together in yarnbarns, cafés and ateliers. While yarn bombing and guerrilla knitting, they knit traffic lights, trees, statues, and other public objects – a trend which can be spotted from Houston, Sydney, Oslo to Berlin and Eindhoven.

Get Hooked! during Dutch Design Week
During Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, October 22nd/30th) visitors can get hooked on yarning with guerrilla knitting events and workshops tag knitting. There are also yarn bombing parties in the cosy gallery of Auntie Netty. The complete Tante Netty-program during DDW will soon be available here at the site. Enthusiasts can register already via haakaan [at] antenetty.nl.

9 July 2011 - 21 October 2011
Group exhibition @ Current Space - Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

The average American makes two trips to buy groceries each week, making supermarkets, mini-marts, and corner stores essential and incredibly influential parts of our everyday lives. All items are bought and sold at these stores using money. Money is earned through labor, and labor comes in countless different packages, much like our food. Through our labor we are inspired and we are exploited. We progress and we are repressed. We survive.

Art is created through labor, but unlike some of the more negative forms labor takes, art stimulates our minds, challenges our imaginations, and expands our vision for the world. Art is at the center of humanity’s continuous evolution, but it remains extraordinarily undervalued by mainstream American society, which is almost solely focused on the seemingly endless cycle of labor and consumption. This limited view of life is slowly eliminating our ability to imagine, dream, and think freely.

Through C A R T, Current Space is positing that art is not optional, but essential. It affects all of us internally, whether we are aware of it or not, and it should therefore be considered as fundamental to our daily lives as the products we purchase at grocery stores every week. Therefore, Current Space will be transformed into a fully functional mini-supermarket, complete with aisles, window displays, shopping baskets, and cash registers in an attempt to explore the exchange of artists’ labor for profit in a familiar, everyday setting.

Jake Adams (Baltimore, MD)
Lorna Barrowclough (West Yorkshire, UK)
Colin Benjamin (Baltimore.MD)
Jordan Bernier (Baltimore, MD)
John Bohl (Baltimore, MD)
Hannah Brancato & Ellen Nielsen (Baltimore,MD)
Miranda Bushey (Baltimore, MD)
Manian E. Chettle (Langley Park, MD)
Thomas C. Chung (Sydney, Australia)
Emily Comeau (Montreal, Canada)
Spencer Compton (Baltimore, MD)
Jennifer Coster (Baltimore, MD)
Seth Crawford (Baltimore, MD)
Wynnie Crews (Baltimore, MD)
Peter Cullen (Baltimore, MD)
Amanda D'Amico & Phuong Pham (Baltimore, MD)
Peter Dear & Martin Loomis (Baltimore, MD)
Marisa Dipaola (Vernon, Vermont)
Liz Donadio (Baltimore, MD)
Double A Projects/Athena Robles & Anna Stein (Brooklyn, NY)
Silvana D'Mikos (Miami, FL)
Liz Ensz (Baltimore, MD)
Eamon Espey (Baltimore, MD)
Marissa Fein (Stevenson Ranch, CA)
Futuro:Marx - Rosa Futuro & Tobias Marx (Berlin, Germany)
Annie Grey (Baltimore, MD)
Joe Griffith (Tampa, FL)
Joshua Haycraft (Baltimore, MD)
Holly Holly Hobby Hobby - Anni Altshler & Leah Mackin (Philadelphia)
Sarah Hope (Baltimore, MD)
Nora Howell (Baltimore, MD)
Annette Wilson Jones (Annapolis, MD)
John Jones (Baltimore, MD)
Gary Kachadourian (Baltimore, MD)
Jenna Kaminsky (Baltimore, MD)
Justin Kelly (Baltimore, MD)
Minku Kim (Baltimore, MD)
Kingsboro Press (NY, NY)
Lisa Krause (Baltimore, MD)
Keith Lea (Baltimore, MD)
Clayton Lee (Baltimore, MD)
Eric Leshinsky (New Orleans, LA)
Sarah Machicado (Baltimore, MD)
Chloe Maratta (Baltimore, MD)
China Martens (Baltimore, MD)
Victoria Martinez (Baltimore, MD)
Kelley McNutt (Brooklyn, NY)
Chiara No. (Chicago, IL)
Mashup Collective - Ece Ciper & Jasmine Sarp (Baltimore, MD)
Maria Mendoza (Baltimore, MD)
Emmanuel Nicolaidis (Baltimore, MD)
Inger Van Noorthoorn K. (GD DE Bilt, The Netherlands)
Cara Ober (Baltimore, MD)
Melody Often (Baltimore, MD)
Robert Pasternak (Winnipeg, Canada)
Nick Peelor (Baltimore, MD)
Justyna Pennards (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)
Scott Pennington (Baltimore, MD)
Sonya Phillip (San Francisco, CA)
Nikholis R Planck (Baltimore, MD) Sarah Podles (San Francisco, CA)
Mark Rice (Spartanburg, SC)
Vincent Romaniello (Willow Grove, PA)
Marshall Roemen & Seth Chalmers (Los Angeles, CA)
Bonnie Brenda Scott (Philadelphia, PA)
Ginevra Shay (Baltimore, MD)
Alicia Sherman (Key West, FL)
Flannery Silva (Baltimore, MD)
Dain Suh (Baltimore, MD)
Dylan Thadani (Baltimore, MD)
David Ubias (Baltimore, MD)
Catalina Uribe (Sydney, Austrailia)
Josh Van Horne & Jessie Unterhalter (Baltimore, MD)
Adam Void (Baltimore, MD)
Megan Van Wagoner (Baltimore, MD)
Jessica Wang (Pasadena, CA)
Elke Wardlaw (Berlin, Germany)
Jeffu Warmouth (Fitchburg, MA)
Lindsey Wollard (Ft. Myers, FL)
Brandy Wolfe (Culver City, CA)
Sarah Wren (Toledo, Oh)
Tory Wright & Lydia Moyer (Charlottesville, VA)
Joseph Young (Baltimore, MD)

and more!

27 June 2011 - 28 June 2011

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