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1 December 2012 - 30 December 2012
Solo exhibition @ Urban Artroom - Gothenburg (SWEDEN)

Waiting for the arrival of something we can only feel, '….It’ll Soon Be Winter', is an exhibition of an installation, alongside knitted and crocheted sculptures.  

Prepared almost one year ago in Australia, this show represents the culmination of a story which first began in Scandinavia nearly five years ago. 

Dealing with the reclusive nature of a child hiding within their own imagination, objects which first enveloped their dreams and obsessions are embodied in the forms of bottled, framed and unframed still-lifes.  

The artworks are tangible through touch, but deny the senses of smell or taste. Displaying comforts and fears of a world only they could see, a sense of the impossible becomes possible through the eyes of a child.

9 November 2012 - 10 November 2012
Solo exhibition @ AWA Gallery - Amsterdam (THE NETHERLANDS)

Seen as the second progression of a recent project in Mongolia, 'Please Come Back Later....I'm Hiding', is a site-specific installation with a participatory element.

Playing with the ideas of childhood games, thoughts, food and psychological anxiety, this exhibition consists of numerous knitted and crocheted sculptures, along with a site-specific timber dwelling.

Exploring his interests in handmade and laborious processes, Chung’s work incorporates a music box tune, candlelight and autumn leaves.
Like a hidden world amongst all else, this installation speaks of a longing to be left alone, yet also to be found.

Viewers are asked to participate in the exhibition, through selecting an individual piece to take home with them.

19 October 2012 - 20 October 2012
Group exhibition @ Verge Gallery - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

The aim of the BrainArt Project is to spread the word about “Life Pleasures & the Brain” through various artistic forms, the project is about awaking, learning and balancing this aspect of our lives. 

We want to give people an opportunity to explore what causes them pleasure and also activate their “creative circuits”, both through the entering the awards and attending the exhibition. We believe that everyone has something to say about this topic and perhaps a story to share. 

“Insight moments” are an important component of creativity, and knowing how to generate these “eureka” moments can result in better problem solving and innovative solutions. 

As Daniel Pink states - “The future belongs to creators and empathisers, pattern recognisers and meaning-makers. These people will now reap society’s richest rewards and share its greatest joys.”  

Curated by Silvia and Relmi Damiano.

17 September 2012 - 13 October 2012
Solo exhibition @ Branch3D - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Branch3D is pleased to present the ninth window presentation for 2012.

You're invited to come and view the latest installation showing at BRANCH window space:

26 Ross Street
Forest Lodge NSW 2037

'How Do I Reach You.... ?' is a site-specific installation with knitted bon bons, crocheted ice creams, cakes and broken teapots.

Utilising the combined techniques of knitting and crocheting, this project represents an ever-evolving piece, continuing Chung's interests in anxiety, illusion, playfulness and destruction. Structured, yet imagined free from any pre-existing patterns, these crafted sculptures are placed in a mountain-like disposition - food once used as a form of comfort.

The creative process of numbering each completed item, was abandoned on this occasion, allowing the countless individual forms to overwhelm and absorb into a singular arrangement.

This body of work began as a concept four years ago, and has since grown of its own accord.

16 September 2012 - 8 October 2012
Group exhibition @ 3331 Arts Chiyoda Main Gallery - Tokyo (JAPAN)

Chiyoda Arts Festival is an open submission art event which has taken 3331 Arts Chiyoda as its stage since 2010.

In its first year this program was realized under the title of “3331 Independents” in an open exhibition without a selection panel. In its second year the event further widened its scope to include not only an exhibition, but also a stage program, in which performances of all genres was presented, along with a market program in which artists and creatives could directly sell their art goods, further extending the reach of 3331’s appeal.

Up until now over 700 artists, arts professionals and the general public have presented their work within this festival, continuing to grow as a stage for communication.

Now in its third year in 2012 under the title of “3331 EXPO”, we present not only the opportunity to “see art work and buy goods”, but also offer a platform in which to join in dialogue with the creators themselves.

1 September 2012 - 14 October 2012
Group exhibition @ Rookwood Cemetery - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Hidden: A Rookwood Sculpture Walk
is an on-site sculpture project, revealing artists' responses to Rookwood Cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries in the Southern Hemisphere, and the themes surrounding love, death, loss and memory.

Hidden was developed in 2009 to establish Rookwood Cemetery as a place that actively engages in, and supports, the cultural landscape of Western Sydney. Hidden: A Rookwood Sculpture Walk promotes the work of a diverse range of emerging and established artists from both Western Sydney and regional areas.

Hidden was developed to demonstrate to the community that there is more to Rookwood than just funerals and memorials. Rookwood is a place rich in heritage, history, culture and nurturing and developing the cultural fabric of the site is of great importance to ensure its future longevity. The Hidden exhibitions step outside the notion of mainstream galleries, and even outside the typical 'outdoor sculpture show', and invites artists to ponder the notion of mortality and its related themes. Audiences witness creative artistic expression in a typically unconventional yet extremely meaningful context.

Every year, artists are invited to respond to the site using engaging forms of communication. The works disclose shared narratives about themes relevant to the space in a way that is as thought provoking as the site itself.

Featuring: Lee Bethel, Kylie Black, Senden Blackwood, Francois Breuillaud-Limondin & Nathalie Hartog-Gautier, Jeramie Carter, Thomas C. Chung, Will Coles, Irena Conomos, Emily Daughton, Suzanne Davey, Alethea Deane, Julie Donnelly, Michael Donohue, Jacquelene Drinkall, Chloe Elizabeth, Kath Fries, Adam Galea, Stephen Hall, Lyndal Hargrave & Sue Henderson, Aedan Harris, Madeleine Hayes, Serena Horton, Jacqueline King, Kimie Kitamura, Melissa Laird, Jane Lennon, Nerine Martini, David McGuinness, Sarah Nolan, Penny Philpott, Stephen Ralph, Brian Sanstrom, Sally Simpson, Susanna Strati, Jane Theau, and Jacek Wankowski.

Curated by Cassandra Hard Lawrie.

17 August 2012 - 31 August 2012
International biennale @ Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery - Ulaanbaatar (MONGOLIA)

In order to develop a new chapter in the Land Art tradition since the beginning in the American West in the late 60's and following the nomadic idea of the Walking Museum –  the Land Art Biennial in Mongolia was founded to be located in various locations of Mongolia. The Biennial is a forum in search of contemporary definitions of what Land Art can reveal about  "today’s questions”. In order to open a free space of artistic interaction they decided not to restrict the definition of land art by any presets.

For the 2nd Land Art Biennial in 2012 the proposed project invited Mongolian and international artists to voice aspects of the 'spatial politics' characterizing a part of the Dundgobi located not far from the Oyu Tolgoi mine.
A symposium will discuss the culminating artwork constituting contemporary art as ‘spatial politics’ in light of emerging urbanism in Mongolia. This programme on Art and Politics will bring together all of the Mongolian political parties; esteemed artists and art critics will be involved.

Featuring: Chadraabal Adiyabazar, Maro Avrabou, Luis Camnitzer, Thomas C. Chung, Bruce Conkle, Blane De St. Croix, Batzorig Dugarsuren, Enkhjargal Ganbat & Nomad Wave Art Group, Han Sungpil, Marne Lucas, Anna Macleod, Michael Müller, Kingsley Ng, Irene Pätzug, Tsegmid Puntsag, Marc Schmitz, Max Schneider, Jessica Segall, Dolgor Ser-od, Chimeddorj Shagdarjav, Dagvadorj Sereeter, Hye-Kyung Son, Maik Teriete, Natsuko Uchino, Marcus Vinícius, Haiyuan Wang and Dimitri Xenakis.

Curated by Anna Brietzke, Orna Tsultem and Fumio Nanjo.

15 August 2012 - 9 September 2012
Group exhibition @ James Dorahy Project Space - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Since opening in 2006 James Dorahy Project Space has presented a number of project shows, selected on a merit basis, that are in line with the aim of the exhibition program.The project shows have allowed the gallery to foster new talent and to select artists to join the gallery.

Six Years of Projects 2006 - 2012 is an exhibition in two parts incelebration of this exhibition history. Six Years of Projects 2006 - 2012 (Part 1) 20 June - 8 July showcased the work of artists who have joined the gallery.

Six Years of Projects 2006-2012 (Part 2) highlights project shows that were favourites of the Director.

Featuring: Richard Briggs, Thomas C. Chung, Tracey Clement, Gabrielle Courtenay, Nicole Ellis, Chris Firmstone, Mark Hislop, Andrew Kaminski, Fleur Macdonald and Jacqueline Rose.

8 August 2012 - 31 August 2012
Group exhibition @ See Street Gallery - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

The Sydney Gallery School and See Street Gallery present Commodified,a curated exhibition that brings together a group of contemporary artists working with diverse materials and exploring a range of concepts.

What links each artist is a concern with current debates relating to consumer society and commodification, and the ever increasing threat to the environment particularly in light of recent global events. Each work in the exhibition draws our attention to material culture in terms of the artist’s practice and/or broader issues of consumption and the ‘commodity’.

Some of the artists exploit recycled materials and found objects to make anew and others use more conventional materials to comment on our relationship to the natural and man-made world. While this timely exhibition invites us to consider our role inthe global landscape it also offers a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

Featuring: Thomas C. Chung, Will Coles, Fan Dongwang, Michael Edwards, Garry Foye, Jane Gillings, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Sarah Nolan, Jimmy Rix, Evan Salmon, Janet Tavener and Bronwyn Tuohy.

Curated by Cassandra Hard Lawrie.

22 June 2012 - 1 September 2012
Group exhibition @ Galeria Punto - Valencia (SPAIN)

Galeria Punto hosts, together with 7 other spaces in the historic centre of Valencia, the 5th International Independent Art Festival Incubarte. A cultural event that includes plastic and visual arts, which has been evolving over the last five years with great success in Valencia.

Incubarte, was conceived as a meeting point for artists and audience and is also a public and free event with a festive nature where networks are created between different professionals in arts and culture. Our main objective is to expose Valencian citizens to the latest local and international art trends, selecting artists from the international art scene.

In 2012, the festival is celebrating its 5th edition, retaining its original proposition to the research, promotion and spread of new art trends. The programme includes all types of art genres, such as painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video-art, art-nature, mural, street art, urbanism and mapping. Incubarte especially focuses on all kinds of interdisciplinary and innovative projects and creations, and proposes an original, innovative and creative view of all art trends.

15 June 2012 - 1 July 2012
Group exhibition @ Northern Exposure Visual Arts Festival - Melbourne (AUSTRALIA)

Northern Exposure (NE12)
is a street-based arts project presented by the Northcote Business Association. Local businesses and artists join forces on High Street Northcote leaving a playful trail of discovery for the attentive observer.

In its eighth year and still going strong, elements include High Views: site specific art installed in shop windows, including sculptural and photographic works, paintings and illustrations. High Events: art related workshops, tours and events hosted on the evening of the launch and throughout the two-week duration of the exhibition. Small Works, Small Spaces: of either permanent or ephemeral artworks installed along the street in odd spots and out of the way places, including paste ups, miniature dioramas, and stencils.

Our aim is to create a more inclusive exhibition that brings art out onto the street and into the unexpected. Our hope is to illustrate and illuminate the suburb with art for this two-week period. There are over eighty artists involved and over fifty local businesses participating. Visitors can explore art hidden in nooks and crannies, window installations and art events that will surprise, provoke and delight.

Curated by Angela Bailey and Belinda Suzette.

30 May 2012 - 13 June 2012
Group exhibition @ G8 on George  (Gallery Eight's Pop-Up Satellite Space) - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

A sense of history and memory permeates this area beneath the constant renovations and developments on its surface. Several artists in Topographic 1 playfully touch on issues relating to architecture - particularly renovation, demolition and abandonment. Others disregard the concrete and take flights of imagination fusing a personal experience of place with fact and fiction.

Featuring: Mark Booth, Linden Braye, Matt Busteed, Thomas C. Chung, Sophia Egarchos, Kath Fries, Angela Griffiths, Michelle Heldon and Sarah Nolan.

Curated by Kath Fries and Peter Cramer.

22 May 2012 - 17 June 2012
Solo exhibition @ James Dorahy Project Space - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

James Dorahy Project Space is pleased to present the second presentation on The Project Wall for 2012.

Since opening in 2006 James Dorahy Project Space has presented a number of project shows, selected on a merit basis, that are in line with the aim of the exhibition program. The project shows have allowed the gallery to foster new talent and to select artists to join the gallery. As an extension of this successful approach and to celebrate the past 6 years of projects, the gallery is pleased to have introduced The Project Wall – located in the stockroom which allows the gallery to present more artists to its audience of collectors, curators and artists. 

Opening drinks Wednesday 23 May 6pm - 8pm.

'Do You Know Where I Am?'  is an exhibition of knitted sculptures of tea parties, candies, coloured pencils and all things sweet.

Created using yarn, acrylic stuffing, plastic and cardboard, these most humble of materials become something entirely fresh and intriguing. Chung's playful use of traditional craft as Art, explores the narrative and boundaries of food and fantasy, play and escapism, alluding to the quiet anxieties within childhood.

15 March 2012 - 6 April 2012

Group exhibition @ Whitebox Gallery - Gold Coast (AUSTRALIA)

Machine technology and graphic design programs have ever-expanding potential as creative outlets for contemporary artists. By engaging with technology, a hybrid of traditional and new skills has begun to influence contemporary art and craft techniques. The machine technology impact on contemporary art and craft technique ultimately affects the scope of art and craft objects that can be created.

New technology allows for new skills and new skills allow for new and interesting work to be created. This cumulative effect of technology impacts on the skills and outcomes of an artist’s technique. Future Fibre is an exhibition that will explore the influence of machine technology on contemporary art and craft practices. The exhibition will highlight investigations of textile-as-medium and the varied methods by which it can be manipulated.

Future Fibre
will be comparative in nature. The exhibition will feature a small number of national artists who utilise different methods and materials in their work. A curatorial comparison of artists who explore the potential of textile-as-medium through the assistance of machines or hand-held tools will also engage with the continuing discussion of craft in a high art context. Theoretical issues have surfaced as a result of the blending of traditional and contemporary art practices, provoking thought and discussion about issues new areas of practice. What are the boundaries of craft? What is the impact of machine technology in the realm of craft? And more specifically, can machine manipulation of textiles be considered a craft procedure? The exhibition is not offering definite answers but rather the intention is to generate critical reflection and discussion around these questions.

Featuring: Thomas C. Chung, Elizabeth Delfs, Kate Just, Alice Lang, Demelza Sherwood, Jessica Shipard, Holly Story and Lucille Martin.

Curated by Danica Larkin.

27 January 2012 - 7 February 2012
Solo exhibition @ GAFFA - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

'I Don't Know Where I'm Going, But I'm Going Somewhere...' is an art installation, that deals with sensation, simulation and a current interpretation of that age-old condition 'Loneliness'.

Moving away from the existentialist tendencies that cyberspace represents, and backwards to our primary sources of communication, touch, taste, smell, sound and sight, the artist's work aims at highlighting the sensory by denying access to it. Creating spaces of fantasies through referencing childhood, play and games, the work shines a light upon private isolated experiences - in this case, from that of a child.

Crocheting sculptures of food that you cannot taste, and creating landscapes of imaginary tea parties to set the scene, the art installation deals with the idea of memories, and that the associated needs that we have with them, are essential in learning about who we really are as individuals.

Food as escapism is often used in his practice as a form of dealing with the feelings one might want to suppress, especially when one is still a child. Dreams, indulgence and imagination are key aspects to the stories behind their creations.

Chung's work weaves difficult issues about the world into the forms of toys, stories and lost memories - giving the viewer a detached, simulated experience.

Curated by Iris Siyi Shen.