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6 December 2013 - 27 December 2013
Group exhibition @ Bloom Art Space - Shanghai (CHINA)

In our search for something greater, Pursuing Perfection is an exhibition of nine international artists seeking an ideal.

Encompassing painting, sculpture, photography, video and art installation, this collection extends the aspirations of these artists. History has shown that this is not an easy task. This long process has been at the core of humanity. If we can seek it, will we find it? If we find it, are we deserving of it?

Looking from outside and within, inspired by our own worlds, we hope to find a sense of completeness. We are all Pursuing Perfection.


Anneliese Charek (USA)
Claudio Beorchia (Italy)
Cristina Ohlmer (Germany)
Lili Chin (USA)
Shang Chengxiang (China)
Thomas C. Chung (Australia)
Wang Bo (China)
Wu Ding (China)
Yan Preston (UK)

Curated by Thomas C. Chung.
7 November 2013 - 30 November 2013
4A A4
Group exhibition @ 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Introducing 4A A4, we’re calling out for A4 sized art works from all over the globe, from artists, writers, designers, architects, animators, photographers and fashionistas and everyone in between to participate in our major fundraising exhibition in November.

Since 1996 artists all around the world have helped 4A blossom into the organisation we are today. 4A was started by a group of passionate artists who were keen to create opportunities for other artists, develop platforms to exhibit and encourage critical, independent discussion along the way.

Thanks we couldn’t have made it without you!

1 November 2013 - 15 December 2013
Group exhibition @ Lost Coast Culture Machine - California (USA)

The Sunset Room is a show about sunsets; in evocation and essence. Any artwork mimicking, recreating, or conjuring a sunset will be considered. The show will emphasize the over saturated and yet noble quest to create the perfect sunset whilst paying homage to the beauty and kitsch of one of nature’s most magnificent and routine passages.

Think, Georgia O’Keefe meets Jimmy Buffett.

30 September 2013 - 13 November 2013
Group exhibition @ Szpilman Award - Berlin (GERMANY)

The Szpilman Award is initiated, organised and financed by a group of artists, based in Berlin, Germany and is awarded to works that exist only for a moment or a short period of time. The purpose of the award is to promote such works whose forms consist of ephemeral situations.

Among the applicants, one award winner will be identified.
The challenge cup will be handed over to the next prize winner in the subsequent year.

In 2013 all applications will be looked through and judged by;

Bernd Euler
Lise Harlev
Leonard Kahlcke
Patrick Koch
Tina Kohlmann
Mina Minov (Winner 2012)
Claus Richter
Tina Schott
Michal Sznajder

14 September 2013 - 22 September 2013
Group exhibition/Art festival @ The Strand (Dee Why) & The Corso (Manly)  - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

Art in Odd Places (AiOP) is an arts project exploring public space founded and directed by New York artist Ed Woodham.  Art in Odd Places 2013 thematic concept of NUMBER is conceived by AiOP NYC curator Radhika Subramaniam. In 2013, AiOP will explore NUMBER at The New Museum's IDEAS CITY Festival, NYC; festivals in Warringah & Manly, Australia; the annual NYC Festival on 14th Street; and for the Southeastern College Art Conference in Greensboro, NC.
Three American and twenty-five Australian artists explore the many meanings of the theme, NUMBER. From synchronised swimming to meditation, performance, sculpture, stencils and even a quirky take on sand castles, each artist has responded to the notion of ‘Number‘ in individual ways. Some see these two beaches as the front line for environmental action, others explore the obsession with numbers as signifiers and one group of artists rely upon the audience participating in their performance.

Dee Why and Manly are close but the character of the two places is different and the audiences unique. This festival rethinks ideas of public behaviour, collective spaces and habits. The artists offer a variant expression of these local places and share these with you.

Curated by Susan Milne & Greg Stonehouse.

1 August 2013 - 31 December 2013
Artist's residency @ The Swatch Art Peace Hotel - Shanghai (CHINA)

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel is an institution dedicated to artists and their art.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Guest Artist Program is an artists’ residency program designed to bring together talented artists from around the world to experience a unique cultural environment dedicated to contemporary art. Selected artists are invited to live and work in specially designed workshop studios for a period of up to six months, in a community of eighteen people from all artistic horizons and national origins.

The program offers artists, who are shaping the luxury of tomorrow, the opportunity to counteract peripheral isolation and develop creative exchange by living and working together in a dedicated environment in one of Shanghai’s most prestigious locations. Two floors have been reserved for this purpose in a legendary landmark building in Shanghai, China. Under a concept developed by Swatch Group, the former Palace Hotel (later known as the Peace Hotel South Building) has been restored to its original splendor. Now known as the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, it is located directly on the Bund, once the heart of old Shanghai and today the luxury mile in one of the biggest and most dynamic cities in the world.

The main focus of the project is on creative exchange. Artists are encouraged to engage in collaborative work and discussion and to interact as a dynamic artistic community so as to enrich the creativity of the group as well as each other’s work. Communication, confrontation, observation and discovery should challenge the artists and enable them, in this vibrant artistic and cultural environment, to build upon their existing skills and extend the boundaries of their art.

27 July 2013 - 5 August 2013
Group exhibition @ Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

The North Sydney Art Prize enters an exciting phase with a revitalised format and new curatorial theme. For the first time the exhibition will be held across two venues to encourage broad participation and accommodate the inclusion of sculpture, installation and site specific works. Other categories include painting, drawing, photography and printmaking.

The 2013 curatorial theme Toward 2020 embraces innovation and diversity in contemporary art and encourages artists to consider the overarching principles of the new exhibition site at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability and North Sydney Council’s 2020 Vision: Living Sustainably.

Toward 2020 provides an entry point into the many conversations about our complex relationship with the world around us and is a timely reminder of our individual and collective responsibility in an increasingly finite environment.

Curated by Alison Clark.

19 June 2013 - 23 June 2013
Group exhibition @ Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art - Sofia (BULGARIA)

Since 2006 the Water Tower Art Fest (WTAF) has been promoting a vivid demonstration of the richness and diversity of the cultural life in Sofia, and at the same time points to important but often neglected urban problems such as the decay of abandoned city spaces of national importance. WTAF provides not just an agenda for the solution of such problems, but also the means for it – through the artistic creativity and cooperation established between the participating artists and the audience the festival reveals the transformative power of art.

The main idea behind Sofia’s candidacy for a European Capital of Culture for 2019, the concept of “Sharing Sofia”, is reflected by the mission of WTAF – to bring art out in the open, to liberate it from the conventional two-dimensional space of galleries and museums limited by finite walls and opening times, and provide it with the freedom and infinite opportunities of nature combined with the picturesque city landscape. By so doing, the organizers of the festival successfully promote the all-inclusiveness of art and its ability to transcend borders and maintain respect, understanding and appreciation of diversity. Overcoming the spatial borders of conventional art spaces was just the first step WTAF has made on the way to the full transformation of art into a socially-engaged ambience, capable of bringing real change to the surrounding community.

By opening up its artistic territory to a wide variety of artists of different nationalities, religions, social background and gender, the festival creates a welcoming atmosphere in which everyone feels not just secure but also empowered to transform their own life as well as the life of the city of Sofia. By combining the historical significance and multicultural heritage of the Water Tower in Lozenets with the inventiveness and originality of modern art, WTAF manages to subvert one more category of social borders – the divide between past and future – by demonstrating the intrinsic need of ascribing to the two, ostensibly opposite, temporal trajectories the common origin of social change.

4 June 2013 - 1 July 2013
Two-person exhibition @ EMI Art Project - Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

EMI Music & EMI Art Project presents Hard & Soft, by Freelance European artist Will Coles & Australian artist Thomas C. Chung.

Working with materials reminicient of their respective artistic practices, this exhibition speaks of the past, through visiting one's childhood. The contrast to the two works are striking with Coles' sculpture made of resin and fibreglass, alongside Chung's creations of knitted candies.

Playing upon the reputation of the nearby night life culture, the show's suggestive title also pokes at the cheekiness of the neighbouring venues, utilising glitter, sweets and an abundance of colours.

Obsession filled curiousity and with seemingly disparate agendas, their individual use of imagery bring together the belief that Art can indeed be a change for the better - hard and soft sitting side by side.